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Easyjet: Carbon Footprint Update

We wrote the following in our blog of 7 June 2019 following a meeting with Easyjet CEO Johan Lundgren;

The following statement can now be found on the Easyjet website; 

Our Commitment

Flying is fantastic, it allows us to explore, relax and restore ourselves and it leads to amazing memories with old and new friends. But it’s time that we took responsibility for the effect flying has on the environment.

That’s why, for every single flight we operate, we’ll offset the carbon from the fuel used, by investing in projects that include the planting of trees or protecting against deforestation and renewable energies.

We believe it will make us the largest single investor in carbon offset projects globally. And even better, it will come at no cost to you, our customers.

We know carbon offsetting is not perfect, but right now we believe it’s the best way to address the carbon emitted from flying. It’s just part of our drive to become a more carbon neutral airline. We’ll continue to research and implement other ways to reduce emissions, such as removing weight from our aircraft or taxiing on one engine. We’re already championing the development of electric technology and will continue to do so.


Image: Easyjet

We will continue to engage with the airlines to improve their carbon footprint but in the meantime well done Easyjet!