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Consideration to be given to responsible gambling and other non-financial metrics as GVC reassess remuneration policy

Internet gaming and sports betting company GVC PLC operates within an industry where corporate responsibility is of utmost importance to both the company’s underlying customer base as well as to both legislators and regulators that allow the company to continue to operate. It is therefore essential that our investment case is not only predicated upon the underlying financial metrics of the company but also takes account of management’s approach to such issues and, in particular responsible gambling. To address this issue, and to allow us to assess the company’s commitment toward corporate responsibility, we have approached the chair of GVC’s Remuneration Committee requesting that consideration be given to embedding responsible gambling and other non-financial metrics into senior management’s LTIP (Long Term Incentive Plan). Not only will this give us more comfort that these issues are being taken seriously, but will also provide a strong economic incentive for management to focus time and resources on what potentially is a key risk factor for our investment case. GVC are reassessing their remuneration policy in the second half of 2019 so we look forward to the outcome.

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